Monday, July 24, 2006

August 2006

Dear Friends

Birthday Celebrations

Thank you to all who joined us for the “Rector’s Birthday Bash”, and for the unexpected gifts. It is always good to spend relaxed time together. The weather “played ball”, enabling us to share a most pleasant afternoon.

Vision & Development

At a recent Diocesan Clergy Day we were reminded that “Change” is a fact of life, and only speeds up; that the only positive way to control “Change” is to have a vision to give it direction and a mission to channel it. We ALL find change difficult, and no matter how well qualified our leadership is in dealing with it, “Change” has an uncanny ability to leave us feeling anxious and confused, and leads to distrust. Only a clear and concise Vision will keep us focused. I believe that we have such a focus at Corpus Christi.

Our vision is, “Our lives: a place where others meet Christ.” This vision is given flesh by our Statement of Purpose, which defines what we understand to be our environment (“a Christ-centred, traditional Anglican community guided by the Holy Spirit”); our mission (“building the Kingdom of God in the wider community through outreach and service”); our values (“friendship, youth participation and broad-based parishioner involvement”); and what we offer those who choose to be part of our Christian community (“inclusive, flexible, reverent and dignified worship opportunities; spiritual and relational growth, care, fellowship and ministry development”).

It is so easy to be subjective in evaluating changes and developments in parish life. Our Statement of Purpose helps us be more objective. I invite you, in any moments of anxiety or confusion about where we may be going as a parish, to engage me critically, and to do it against the principles and values highlighted in our Statement of Purpose.

Anxiety & Confusion

I am aware of two recent developments that have created anxiety for some:

The first is the expected advent of an additional hymn book. This purchase is to enable greater flexibility in our worship. I am encouraged that in addition to the 100 copies being purchased by council, we have already received donations towards a further 25 copies.

The second relates to the use of languages other than English in our worship, and certainly this created some “upheaval” at a recent Ministry Team meeting. While all who attend Corpus Christi recognise English as our main language of Worship, the regular, limited use of other languages of Africa importantly gives recognition to our diversity, and helps us be more inclusive in the worship opportunities we offer our growingly diverse Corpus Christi community.


This national conversation is underway. I have received mixed responses from parishioners as to the value of the movies (no pun intended!), but despite this I am encouraged that the Davis Home Fellowship Group has made a decision to discuss the values highlighted over the next few weeks. It seems that as Christians we struggle to accept an approach that highlights the Value (Acceptance, Responsibility, Forgiveness …) but not the Source (God!). We need to hold in mind that although God-inspired, this discussion is designed to attract a Nation that has embraced a secular Constitution. As those who do recognise the Source, let’s be part of the CONVERSATION!

New Look

We hope you enjoy the new look of our Magazine. It is designed to be both easier to read and cheaper to produce! Any comments or suggestions should be directed to the Production Editor (Jeanne Jackson!) or the Managing Editor (me!).


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