Sunday, July 08, 2007

July 2007

Dear Friends

I write this as I prepare to take some leave (“Again?!” I hear you cry!). I’m looking forward to having some time to myself, to immerse myself in some gentle reading, to reflect on life and ministry, and to restock my reserves. It is good, too, to be available to my family without the pressures of parish demands. And it will be good to return to you all, refreshed and ready for all the challenges the next few months will hold.

What are you doing where you are?

In my May letter to you I asked the question, “Who are we?” - a question of identity whose answer directs us in our mission. Our Patronal Celebrations, particularly our “Cultural Dinner” gave us an unusual vision of ourselves, a vision of who we really are as the people of God at Corpus Christi—a kaleidoscope of cultural colour and diversity! Let us hold onto the image we saw of ourselves, and continuously bring it alive again and again within the different contexts of our existence together.

With this image in mind, we need to begin to ask what are we collectively doing where we are? Perhaps another way of asking this question is, “Who will miss us if we cease to exist tomorrow?” - Tumelong? Louis Botha Homes? Irene Homes? Those of us who worship together week by week? Yes, yes and again yes! But … would Garsfontein miss us, would Faerie Glen, would Constantia Park, Moreleta?

Hmm … probably not?

The issue is, “What community need in our own geographical area do we meet?”
I can’t answer this question … and I find this of concern. We need to explore our “local” community and prayerfully explore where Jesus wants us to meet him in the wider community within which Corpus Christi physically exists.

As we reflect on our mission in terms of the above questions, we need to hold in mind that a Christian community is missionary in its existence, not in its programmes. Just as finance follows good ministry, so growth follows mission with integrity.

I would value your shared insights to these questions.

Caring and Serving

I was reminded this afternoon that we have a “Good Samaritans” group in the parish, presently eighteen people who have offered to help others wherever and whenever needed. Many of them have not yet had an opportunity to help anyone, and others only on one or two occasions. Why?

Most of us are inherently selfish in sharing our need (myself as much as anyone else), and thereby withhold from others the opportunity to experience God’s blessing in being able to help us. Many of us have been brought up to be independent and to believe that asking for help is weakness.

What is your need? How can we help you? Perhaps a lift? Change a light bulb? Visit for a cup of tea? Prayer? Financial help? Baby-sit a child for the afternoon? A movie? Mow your lawn? A lift to church? Home Communion? Advice? Help? HelP? HELP?

… please let the Office know how we can HELP you!