Sunday, June 04, 2006

June 2006

Dear Friends


As many of you will be aware, I have recently been elected Canon of the Cathedral Chapter by the Clergy of the Diocese. Bishop Jo admitted myself and three other new Canons on Saturday 27 May 2006 at the Diocesan Standing Committee meeting. A number of parishioners have asked, “Exactly what is a Canon, and what do you do?” As a Canon I am a member of the Cathedral Chapter, which is a senior group of Clergy (including Archdeacons and the Dean) who advise the Bishop on various matters. Canons also carry various Diocesan ministry responsibilities: Bishop Jo has given me the duties of Canon Chancellor. This means I carry responsibility for ministry to Educational Institutions (both Diocesan and other) in the Diocese.


Dawn and I had a wonderful two weeks at the coast. I found it relaxing and energising. I read a particularly good book entitled Marriage: restoring our vision written by an Anglican Priest, David Robertson, which rather than being full of self-help ideas, helpfully examined various Biblical perspectives on marriage. It strikes me that if the Church is to be relevant to post-modern society, we need to address the issue of relationships, not judgementally, but with our rich Biblical heritage, to help society rediscover the value of long-term, faithful relationships. David outlines Biblical priorities for marriage, as well as examining the post-modern practice of cohabitation in light of Biblical principles.


This month we celebrate our 25th Birthday as a Parish. I sincerely hope to see you all at our Anniversary Dinner and/or our Festival Eucharist over the weekend of 10/11 June. Let us celebrate together the goodness of God over the past 25 years in bringing us as a community to the point where we now are!


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